I'm a mom of three, grandma of three, wife, music teacher, drama teacher, art teacher, and I teach math, English, science and history for K-12. Adjunct professor in Media Psychology Masters Program. 

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I fell in love with picture books when I read my first Beatrix Potter story. I have been telling stories and creating books ever since.


I was about 8 when I started writing, illustrating and binding my own books. I'd arrange our garage into a classroom and teach the neighborhood kids using my home made books.

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 No surprise I grew up to be a  K-12 teacher for 25 years. No surprise that writing and illustrating picture books are my dream and passion. No surprise that other than college books and personal development books, most of the books I own are picture books with some MG sprinkled in.


 Here I'm with my two daughters and grand baby. I love research, so no surprise that I am drawn to Creative Non-Fiction. I do enjoy fiction as well. Bottom line. I believe that children deserve the most incredible literature we can create. That is my vision.


Some of my favorite activities are playing the drums, bass guitar, banjo, and piano. I love to play and watch sports, especially basketball. 

Research & Writing

Creative Nonfiction Picture Books

Obviously I love research 

Middle Grade & Young Adult Novels

Several ideas in the oven here, too


No surprise this is one of my fav areas


Fielding Graduate University

Media Psychology, MS

Full Sail University

Creative Writing, MFA

California State University, Davis

Sociology, BA

Art Education

Otis Art Institute of Parsons School of Design

Fine Art & Interior Architecture

Children's Book Academy

Craft & Business of Illustrating Kids Books

O C Art Studios

Drawing for Animators and Illustrators

Digital and Media Literacy

I'm a teacher, so of course this is top of mind